Myrsini Zorba

​​Myrsini Zorba is a Doctor of Political Science. She studied Law at the University of Athens and Philosophy of Law at the University of Rome. She founded the publishing house Odysseus. She has served as consultant to the Minister of Culture (1993) and as a Member of the European Parliament (2000-2004). She was the first Director of the National Book Centre of Greece (1994-1999). From 2006 until 2012, she taught cultural theory and cultural policy at postgraduate level. She has participated in European committees and networks and founded along with others the “Network for Children’s Rights” where she served as the head of the Board of Trustees (2004-2016). She has published essays in collective tomes and numerous articles in periodicals and newspapers, both Greek and foreign, on matters of cultural policy. Her book Policy of Culture is part of the curriculum of postgraduate studies in many departments in Greece and abroad.

Ιδιότητα: Minister of Culture & Sports