Culture 2030 Meeting #2

People, Stories, Culture. It is the subject and the theme of the second Culture 2030 Meeting, organised by Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture, to be held from November 7 until November 10, 2019, at Centre of Eleusis/West Attica Labour Unions. On today’s societies of knowledge and creativity, man is an essential resource of the city and the economy in general. Unlike the industrial era, when city development was based on the concentration of industrial production units, today cities compete with one another to attract “smart” and creative people. Smart cities are those that are inhabited by smart people. People with the capacity for creative thinking, imagination, able to recognize opportunity, to imagine new possibilities and shape them, introducing new data, new needs and new habits to their cities.

This year’s Culture 2030 Meeting focuses on such people in the cultural sphere, their stories and the way these stories have reshaped and continue to reshape both the cultural sphere and the cities.

With the international Culture 2030 meeting of last year, we started an initiative for the creation of a natural meeting and exchange space among cultural actors both from Greece as well as from Europe with emphasis on regional cultural development. One year later, this new space keeps expanding. Through training programs for cultural professionals taking place in 2019, the creation of the Greek Festivals Managers Network, and hosting the twin edition of the Culture 2030 Meeting by Cluj, Romania, the second Culture 2030 Meeting expands both as a networking space and as an environment from which new trends spring up and changes begin.

In the first Meeting, we attempted a first mapping of the cultural field as it is shaped today. This year, we go one step further. We focus on the people who with their vision and persistence shaped new conditions and changed what was considered a given not only for their own work but for culture as a whole.

This year as well we are focusing on three themes: the field of cultural policy, the field of artistic production, and the field of the creative economy in the city, which we approach through working groups consisting of guest speakers and participants who not only raise the issues but also give their own answers. Through the main speeches, the working groups, the networking activities as well as through a parallel artistic program, with walks, exhibitions, symposia and a project specially designed to celebrate the designation of Eleusis as the European Capital of Culture, we are creating a unique atmosphere which facilitates acquaintance and interaction among participants and at the same time we are inviting you to a celebration for the city, residents and friends of Eleusis.