Svoura Project

Kassie Kafetsi, Aegina When and why is an object described as trash? What if we didn’t worry about where the trash ends up, but instead wonder how we can experiment with and through it and redefine it anew? The Svoura project is a socio-cultural initiative which implements artistic projects, inspired by the trash found in local geographies. By exploring the identity of trash, we envision a utopia, not in a world without trash, but in a world where nothing gets wasted; where its purpose is constantly reached and redefined, in a sustainable circular process. The project engages the youth community into a process of artistic experimentation and co-creation, in order to involve the local community into the discourse about environmental sustainability. Svoura’s spin starts on the island of Aegina with the participation of 18 students from the 1st Junior High school of Aegina. From December until May, through a series of workshops, discussions and events, the students co-created and curated a photography exhibition, artistic installations and Svoura’s version of an open-air cinema, made entirely out of…trash! A growing network of collaborations and a documentary of our 6 months’ journey ensure that the Svoura Project, along with its emerging social and environmental impact, will keep spinning.