Ștefan Teișanu

Ștefan Teișanu is a cultural entrepreneur interested in community development. He is the executive director of Cluj Cultural Centre, an organisation which gathers 70 cultural institutions and organisations, universities, business clubs and clusters and institutions of the public administration to run a large cultural programme that aims to bring social transformation and sustainable development in the city of Cluj-Napoca and the region of Transylvania. He is the founding president of Fapte, an NGO which organises the Jazz in the Park festival and other cultural events with an urban and social impact. He is also the president of Nord, a community development organisation on the border of Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Ștefan was the president of AIESEC Cluj-Napoca and he created the Junior Chamber International local subsidiary. In 2008, he was named ”Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Romania” by Junior Achievement. His personal belief is that people and cities can be what they want to be.


Ιδιότητα: Director of Cluj Cultural Centre, Romania