Marta Martins

Marta Martins is the executive director of ARTEMREDE, a Portuguese network that gathers 15 municipalities and promotes the development of the territories through artistic creation, cultural mediation strategies, capacity-building activities and policy-making. In the context of ARTEMREDE she has been responsible for the design and coordination of several projects, most of them anchored on audience engagement strategies and participatory activities, in small villages or in large urban centers. Marta has a degree in Law from the Faculty of Law / University of Lisbon, a Postgraduate degree in Cultural Management in Cities from INDEG / ISCTE / University Institute of Lisbon and a Master Degree in Cultural Studies from the School of Human Sciences / Catholic University of Portugal. As a speaker she has been participating in several conferences and seminars in the fields of cultural policies and cultural management.

Ιδιότητα: Artemrede Executive Director, Portugal