Clymene Christoforou

Clymene Christoforou is the director of D6:Culture in Transit. D6 runs an artistic programme with residencies and advises internationally on the value of the arts in local and national policy.  She is particularly interested in work which connects artists to neighbourhoods and across borders. In the UK Clymene is Chair of International Newcastle a partnership between civil society, the municipality and the universities to promote internationalism across the City.  Further afield she is an expert advisor to United Cities and Local Governments and Culture Action Europe’s Pilot Cities programme, which considers the role of culture in the sustainable development of cities across Europe.  With the British Council and the Creative Europe team in Ukraine she she’s an advisor to the Culture Bridges programme and has recently joined the board of Res Artis, the global network of artist residency spaces.

Ιδιότητα: Director D6: Culture in Transit, Expert Pilot Cities, UK