Roots are Routes

Olga Daskali, Messolonghi

What will I be when I grow up? Where I want to live? What profession suits me? The answer to every question lies within us.  “Roots are Routes” initiative designs and organizes actions for vocational training, bringing the participants closer to nature, getting to know local jobs that tend to disappear, exploring new methods, using our hands. Participants receive stimuli and cultivate their potential. Transferring knowledge through intergenerational collaboration and teamwork complement the anthropocentric profile of the initiative. Art and new technologies are part of Roots are Routes (RaR) toolbox. In collaboration with schools, public and private bodies, local authorities, small and large businesses, museums, arts organizations, the workshops are being selected based on the needs of participants and the nature of actions. This method is targeted to students who want to explore themselves, teachers who have a holistic view of education, entities in the field of education and employment, parents who want to support their child to engrave his/her own future.