Mind the fact: true stories with protagonists those who experienced them

Mind the fact is an artistic network that brings together artists and non-artists, with the goal of establishing a creative coexistence. Producing works of high artistic standards, the different groups of mind the fact focus on the emergence of social issues and true stories from the everyday lives of the city’s inhabitants. Through projects dealing with the diversity, inclusiveness and balance (and imbalance) of local communities, mind the fact participants propose a world that is—if not better—more honest. The network’s most recent project, the site-specific theatrical performance E_FYGA by the Station Athens group, was presented at the Synikismos Festival in Upper Eleusis, in June 2018, as part of the network’s collaboration with Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture. Mind the fact presents audiovisual material from previous productions and discusses with attendees, proposing a new model for creating performances, exhibitions and artistic actions.