Culture 2030

Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture and the Ministry of Culture and Sports invite you to the first “Culture 2030” Meeting to be held from Thursday, November 8th until Sunday, November 11th 2018 in Eleusis.

Aiming at shaping the cultural development conditions of the next decade, the “Culture 2030” Meeting intends at creating a meeting place between artists, curators and cultural professionals, on the one hand, institutional cultural managers, local and regional cultural stakeholders, on the other hand, as well as theorists and scientists. We start a debate on the sustainable cultural development of the Greek cities and regions over the next decade, as well as the good practices in terms of cultural decentralisation.

Through this four-day meeting, which includes three keynote speeches, eighteen working groups, networking meetings and the “Artistic Production from the Inside” that includes actions approached from a middle ground, between artistic creation and discussion, we approach issues such as cultural policy, artistic production, institutional framework, partnerships and good cultural and artistic practices.

The working groups are included in the following themes:

  • Cultural Policy Issues
  • The field of Artistic Production
  • The field of Cultural Industry
  • The city as memory, build environment and living

The Meeting also includes networking meetings such as “Tete-a-tete”, “New Ideas looking for attention” and the Late Night Meeting Point as well as the “Changing the City” and the Symposia. The last day, Sunday 8th November, there will be presented the working groups’ conclusions and the Eleusis 2021 programmes.

The Meeting includes a parallel artistic programme that you can find here or in our website www.eleusis2021.eu.

For the detailed schedule, click here.

In case you haven’t already expressed your interest in participating in the Culture 2030 Meeting, you can fill in the application form and we will contact you as soon as possible regarding your participation.